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  1. Biff
    April 30, 2022 @ 11:40 am

    I hate that term too. I am actively fighting against it.
    To me, “content” is cheap filler garbage, like TikTok videos or the endless-scrolling nonsense of Twitter and Reddit.
    More and more and more “content”, nom nom nom.

    I would never refer the photographs of Erwin Blumenfeld as “content”, nor would I call the Lord of the Rings trilogy “content”.

    “Hey, what did you do last weekend?”
    “Oh, I watched content on my content display and the content was great. The audio content was nice, too, so the whole content was great”. Who would talk like that?

    People (or companies) using “content” provide low-quality garbage. They are unsure of it. They don’t call it “movie” or “blockbuster” or “fantastic song”, it’s just “content”. Because they know it’s rubbish. And that is what people want nowadays: Rubbish, but lots of it.
    I have no social media and I actually enjoy my movies and music on my hard disk. I have no Netflix or Disney+ or Spotify either. Why? Because I have high-quality music and movies locally saved. And I prefer my 260 movies over 10,000+ of “content” on Netflix and Co.


    • Andrea Elisabeth
      April 30, 2022 @ 12:34 pm

      Thanks so much for your comment, Biff. I couldn’t agree more! It drives me nuts! I’m the same – no social media up until some years ago when I realized I had to stop or get sucked (even more) into the mindless, endless scrolling of ‘content’ that mostly was just the equivalent of junk food. ‘Content’ has nothing on a well-made movie, book, or, as you mentioned, artwork/photograph. I hope this term will soon find its end, but I’m not so sure. Your example above reads like it could be out of a dystopian sci-fi novel, and some of those, unfortunately, have a track record of coming true!


  2. Marty
    May 2, 2022 @ 2:37 am

    This is some good content.


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