The Spaceship

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How Far Would You Go?

To get back to the ones you love?

Hyde Park

Captain Shepherd must face extreme isolation as she awaits her colleagues. With all that time, what will she realize about her mission?

The Spaceship is a short story I originally wrote for a competition. I was inspired by the movie Interstellar, during which one of the characters, Romilly, waits about 23 years for Cooper and Brand to return to the ship from their expedition to the planet below. They are near a black hole, which causes a significant time distortion. Only a few hours passed for Cooper and Brand while they were on the planet, but 23 years passed for Romilly aboard their spaceship. I thought that idea, waiting for 23 years all alone, was quite profound.

Later, I workshopped this story in a short story writing class I took in 2017. That class really helped me rewrite/edit it, and I’m really proud of the result!

Also, I wanted to test out Amazon’s self-publishing service. Spoiler alert: it’s really easy to use!

The Spaceship is the tragic story of Andi Shepherd, captain of the destroyed Aurora, originally sent on a mission to discover alien life outside the Solar System. Through Captain Shepherd’s now declassified logs, we learn of her descent into madness as she discovered the true nature of her mission.

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